Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Duck Race - Carnival 2012

The carnival duck race was held on it's usual Monday slot on the 6th of August.  A large crowd gathered to see the ducks travel down the brook. 

Winning duck 170 - 3 winners:
Pat Pilgrim (unclaimed)
Molly Naylor (unclaimed)
J Judge
2nd place duck 31 - 3 winners:
Rita Rowland (unclaimed)
Stephen Naylor
Kevin Barron
3rd place ducks:
90 - 3 winners
Peter Brown
Keith Brown
Andy Bowes
377 - 2 winners
S Newham
Donna Claridge
397 - 2 winners
Ruby Moseley
G Mear
429 - 2 winners
Eddie Wilson (unclaimed)
Micky Johnson

Last placed duck 360 - booby prizes awarded to:
Mrs Hulley (unclaimed)
M Whitaker (unclaimed)

Thanks again to everyone who supported us again and especially the Bread Shop, Maggie's Hairdressers, the Post Office and James at the White Hart - a magnificent effort that we really appreciate.

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