Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Long Tour of Bradwell 2012

Bradda Dads, who are always keen to look at alternative sources of fund raising to benefit the village, assisted in staging The Long Tour of Bradwell 2012 with a view to possibly taking a more active role in the future.  The Long Tour is a punishing 33 mile/50 kilometer fell running/challenge walk event with 6,300 feet of ascent.  The event forms part of the Dark & White Challenge Events race series.

Starting at the Bradwell Sports Pavilion, the route takes in spectacular Derbyshire countryside and Bradda Dads marshalled at the various control points.  Bradwell Pre-School Group staff also assisted and we are grateful to them, especially for looking after the catering.  Many of the event participants remarked on the quality of the marshalling and the service we provided at the check points and also at the pavilion.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Duck Race - Carnival 2012

The carnival duck race was held on it's usual Monday slot on the 6th of August.  A large crowd gathered to see the ducks travel down the brook. 

Winning duck 170 - 3 winners:
Pat Pilgrim (unclaimed)
Molly Naylor (unclaimed)
J Judge
2nd place duck 31 - 3 winners:
Rita Rowland (unclaimed)
Stephen Naylor
Kevin Barron
3rd place ducks:
90 - 3 winners
Peter Brown
Keith Brown
Andy Bowes
377 - 2 winners
S Newham
Donna Claridge
397 - 2 winners
Ruby Moseley
G Mear
429 - 2 winners
Eddie Wilson (unclaimed)
Micky Johnson

Last placed duck 360 - booby prizes awarded to:
Mrs Hulley (unclaimed)
M Whitaker (unclaimed)

Thanks again to everyone who supported us again and especially the Bread Shop, Maggie's Hairdressers, the Post Office and James at the White Hart - a magnificent effort that we really appreciate.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bradda Dads go on a summer holiday - Carnival 2012

Carnival 2012 and Bradda Dads Routemaster London double decker bus.

Neal Seymour's fantastic Carnival 2012 video - see it at:-