Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It's not goodbye, it's just au revoir

The Bradda Dads 2010 Annual General Meeting

This year two founding members of Bradda Dads have decided to retire after each serving more than ten years. Thanks to Paul 'Kodge' Karlsons and Richard 'Corky' Houchin who over the years have both given a lot of their spare time and expertise for the benefit of Bradwell. We wish them well and hope they both will remain social members of Bradda Dads.

Malcolm Sowerby too has decided to call it a day. Malcolm joined Bradda Dads a few years ago and has generously given up his spare time, diesel, tractor and trailers for many of the events that Bradda Dads undertake. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to you Malc and you appear to have aged a lot since joining up - must be something to do with all those 'birthdays' you had. I'm surprised nobody sussed out that you had multiple 'birthdays' each year. Malcolm was also the Chairman in his final year at a time when finding someone to replace Mike Thompson was proving difficult, so thanks for fulfilling the post. Who will ever forget the guest appearance of 'The Stig....'

As with all the 'Dads, we'd be nothing without the support of our wives, so thanks to Julie, Viv and Lorraine.

The new officers for 2010 are Lee Bradbury, Chairman and Martin Riley, Secretary who replaces John Boyle who has done a great job. Darren decided to stay on another year as treasurer, thanks Darren.

We welcome new member Steve Turner.

Malcolm thanks incoming secretary, Martin Riley

Out with the 'old' (figure of speach Malc) and in with the new, Lee Bradbury, Chairman for 2010-2011

John Boyle retires as secretary

Kodge retires after more than 10 years loyal service to the village of Bradwell. Unfortunately Corky was unable to attend the meeting due to work commitments.