Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Carnival Duck Race - 2 August 2010

A very dry summer meant a serious lack of water in the brook for this year's Carnival duck race. Despite putting in the usual temporary dam, there was insufficient flow to build up any decent head of water. To the rescue came the Bradwell fire engine without which there wouldn't have been a duck race. We are extremely grateful to John Millen and crew for coming to our assistance.

Despite the difficulties a large crowd gathered to watch a duck race with a difference. We really appreciate the support of the village and also to the many visitors who bought duck tickets.

Even though a temporary dam was in place there was very little water flow owing to the very dry summer

It's time for the ducks bi-annual trip down the brook......we hope!

Lee, Kodge and Fudge - wellies not really required

Very little water flow means the ducks aren't going anywhere in a hurry

Assistance is provided in the shape of the Bradwell fire engine

And they're off

Further assistance is provided to get the ducks moving

The 'Dads eagerly await the arrival of the winning ducks. A slightly shortened course because of the lack of water

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