Wednesday, 12 December 2007

7th Annual Bradda Dads Christmas Lunch

Here are some photos and video clips from the 2007 Christmas Lunch. According to one guest, this year's event was an 'epic.' I have noticed that on this specific blog it is not possible to click on individual photographs to view individually in a larger format. There is a privacy note on the task bar and I've yet to work out what it means and if there is a workaround. In the meantime if anyone wants any of the photos emailing, then let me know.
We have had very positive feedback from this year's event, so a major pat on the back to all concerned, including the ladies of course.
The start of setting up the Hall

The day of the lunch

The 'Dads ready for action

The tables ready for action
Some of the ladies ready!

The guests start to arrive (at 11.30am!)

More guests arrive

Full to capacity

Drinks anyone?

Lunch is served

Bradwell Junior School Choir

Clearing up begins

John is clearly happy that it's time to go to the pub!

What lunch?

The aftermath

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