Sunday, 5 August 2007

Bradda Dads 1 - Rest of Village 1

A hard fought battle this afternoon amid the torrid heat at the Stade de Bradda Sports. Veteran keeper Bradbury kept the 'Dads level until late into the first half when Cooper (F), who until kick-off was apparantly never certain to turn up for the match, managed to scramble a high-bouncing ball into the net - much to Bradbury's dismay. The scores were levelled by the 'Dads in the second half by some lovely build-up play ending in a fine individual effort by Bradbury.

The pre-match banter was however marred by a possible transfer dispute and Brown, manager for the opposition, may refer Bradbury's position in the Bradda Dads team to the WFA (Whitehart Football Association) and this is likely to need a number of meetings to resolve the situation.

Boyle is subject to disciplinary action having confirmed at a pre-match session that he would be able to play, he later declared himself unavailable owing to 'other commitments.' He will be fined the cost of one round at the next meeting.

Cooper (K) was also unable to play having arrived for the fixture wearing a pair of Nike flip-flops which the referee confirmed were not suitable for football, but would be OK worn on the beach. Cooper (K) will also be fined the cost of one round. Final score, Bradda Dads 1, Rest of Village 1. Highlights on Match of the Day 10.30pm.

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